Interviews with recident clubs


Innterview with Irrblosset

Why should you start a residents club?

The benefits of having a recidents club are many! Above all, it is a perfect way to be able to have  contact with the landlord and improve the bargaining opportunities for those who live in the area. Furthermore, you can also help create a good atmosphere in the residential area.

Why did you join the board?

I joined the recidents club both to hang out with my friends but also to be able to improve the living area.

What would you say to someone who is considering applying for a recidents club?

Take the opportunity to apply now! There are many recident clubs looking for new members for next year :)

Did your expectations meet?

My expectations were truly met! You have the opportunity to both help with questions that affect your housing situation but also have a nice hang out with new friends. It is also a perfect way to get to know people from several different educations.


Interview with Vattentornet

Why shoud you start a recident club?

The best thing about starting a recident club is that there is someone nearby who you can turn to with questions and thoughts about everything that has to do with your living environment. It is great to feel that you are making a difference for those who live in the accommodation.

Why did you join the board?

FFor Borådet Vattentornet in particular, it is a bit special because we have a student pub which is what we focus on. I joined the board mainly for the pub, as I myself do not live at Vattentornet, but we naturally help people with renting premises and lending of eg ladders etc.

What would you say to someone who is considering applying for recident club representative?

If you are applying for our recident club, you are also applying for Pub Vattentornet, which means that you must both work and take care of the pub and family room, etc. However, it is fantastic fun to work in the pub, you meet a lot of new people and learn a lot about beer!

How much time do you spend on the recident club?

As treasurer, I spend more time during certain periods, for example when it is time to declare. But in normal cases it takes about 2-4 hours a week if you count our weekly meetings and work 2-3 shifts in the pub every quarter.

What happens a normal week at Vattentornet?

A regular week always starts with a meeting with the board to plan the week for the pub and see if there are any questions or improvements around the pub / accommodation. Later in the week I check the post to see if any invoices ommit that must be paid. If you then have a pass in the pub on Thursday / Friday, you work there 18-01

What is the best with being a part of Vattentornet

As previously mentioned, it is very fun to meet a lot of new people, but also help them with housing issues and working in the pub.

Is there anything negative about being i a recident club?

What can be negative about our housing advice is that everything does not always go as planned. You must be able to take feedback when someone has views on your work.

Did your expentations met?

Yes absolutely! Working with the housing council has given me many fond memories and made me meet many wonderful people that I will never forget.


Interview with FR Ryd

Interview with the Chairman regarding his involvement in therecident club FR Ryd

The recident club FR Ryd exists to create a link between the tenants and KOMBO and to be able to simplify the students' everyday lives by, for example, lending sewing machines and similar things that are expensive or that are not used as often.

Why did you join the board?

Joining the board of a particular recident club can have its origins in many different things. In my case, it all started with me being up at FR Ryd's office to borrow a gadget. There I became interested in the recident club and it ended with me being elected chairman of the board at the club´s meeting. 

What happens in a regular week at FR Ryd?

t all depends on what is on the agenda at the moment, but every other week we have a board meeting and twice a week we have the office and the bicycle workshop open so that our members can borrow things from us and have access to tools to cook, for example. the bike.

What is the best thing about being part of FR Ryd?

The best thing about being active in an association is that you do something more than just study, but the most fun thing about being part of FR Ryd, I think, is to see results in the association getting better and constantly evolving. Of course, it is also very fun with the community on the board, to meet others who read other programs and therefore possess other knowledge and experience.

Is there anything negative about being part of FR Ryd?

The worst thing about being on FR Ryd's board is that it can be a bit much to do sometimes. This is because you generally decide for yourself how much to take on, but that it is so fun that you sometimes have too much to arrange. Of course, I do not think it is very fun when the board encounters adversity or when it goes a little slow. However, you learn a lot from it instead.

How much time do you spend on the housing association?

It all depends on what you do it all for. If the board is very busy with other things, it may be smartest to decide that you do what is necessary for the association to stay afloat, but no more until it calms down. However, I personally think that you can always do everything much better.

Why start a housing association?

You learn a lot about association life and about yourself. For example, I have learned how to do best to collaborate with others and how to best plan for a project to be carried out in the best way. FR Ryd was already an active association when I joined the board, but I can imagine that it would have been fun to start an association from scratch and that it would have been a good merit

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