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There are a lot of companies that provide regular (non-student) apartments. Most of the websites are in Swedish, but you can use or Google Chrome to translate them. It is not always a perfect translation but it can help you find their contact information.

Most companies require you to have a swedish personal identity number ("personnummer"), but a few does not. If a Swedish personal identity number is required when you register, please contact the landlord by phone or e-mail and they might accept your registration anyway (this, however, differs from company to company). Out of the companies which does not require a personal identification number, Victoria park is the one that most often have vacant apartments.

Municipal housing companies uses a queue point system where you get one queue point for every day you are registered at their website. When an apartment is available its usually the applicant with the highest amount of points that gets it. These companies usually has the largest amounts of apartments so it is a good idea to register with these companies as soon as possible, preferably as soon as you start to consider studying at Linköping university. 

Private landlords usually don't use queue points. After registering you simply apply for apartments by a letter of interest and the landlord will consider whether you are suitable as a tenant or not. 

If you are willing to commute you might find it easier to find housing. In the start of the autumn semester there are thousands of new students looking for somewhere to stay and they all want cheap, small flats close to the university. Therefore it is a good idea to look a bit outside of Linköping and Norrköping. The housing companies there do seldom have many vacant apartments but you can find quite a few ads at Blocket (a big Swedish ad site) for rooms available for rent or apartments available for sublet. See our guide for commuting here as well as our guide on how to get started with Blocket.

Log on to the landlord’s website regularly to keep your queue points. You will not be offered accommodation automatically – you need to apply actively. For landlords that require you to send a letter of interest on their website we recommend that you read Take Charge for tips on what to remember when applying for accommodation. This information isn't updated regarding new laws of subletting, so please ask us if you have any questions.

Here you will find additional information and links collected in a document.

Linköping and Norrköping

Student Housing Companies 

Studentbostäder (Linköping)

ByggVesta (Linköping)

Heimstaden (Linköping & Norrköping)

Studentbo (Norrköping)

SBS Student (Norrköping)

K2A (Linköping)


Queue points, personal identity number required

Stångåstaden (Linköping)

Hyresbostäder (Norrköping)

Rikshem (Norrköping)


Letter of interest, no personal identity number required

Victoriahem (Linköping) 

Lindstrands Bygg AB (Linköping) 

Linköpingsgårdar AB (Linköping) 

HomeQ (Linköping & Norrköping)


Letter of interest, personal identity number required

Willhem (Linköping)

HSB (Linköping & Norrköping)

Riksbyggen (Linköping & Norrköping)

Vasaparken (Linköping. They have offer housing to students)

Centrum Förvaltning AB (Linköping)

Bonäsudden (Linköping)

LBB Fastighets AB (Linköping)

LE Lundberg Fastighets AB (Linköping & Norrköping)

Magnussons (Norrköping)  

Mannersons Fastighets AB (Linköping)

RE Fastigheter (Linköping)

Duvkullens Fastighets AB (Linköping)

Berg & Co Fastighetsförvaltning (Norrköping)

Brabo Stockholm AB (Norrköping)

Bremström fastighter (Norrköping)

Balder (Norrköping and other districts)

Eklöfs fastighets AB (Norrköping)

Familjen Westerberg fastigheter (Norrköping)


Other towns

Queue points

Boxholmshus (Boxholm, about 30 min commute to Linköping Resecentrum)

Bostadsbolaget (Mantorp, 12 minutes commute and Mjölby 20 min commute to Linköping Resecentrum.)


Letter of interest, no personal indentity number required

SBB (Motala, about 39 minutes commute to Linköping Resecentrum).

Åtvidabergs bostads AB (Åtvidaberg, about 30 minutes from Linköping - they have small and cheap apartments!)

Tranås bostäder (Tranås, about 50 minutes commute to Linköping Resecentrum)

Bonäsudden (Vikingstad 10 min, Rimforsa 50 min, Linghem 5 min, Ljungsbro 30 min, Sturefors 20 min, all commuting times are to Linköping Resecentrum)

Lidéns fastigheter (Several different municipalities)


Letter of interest, personal indentity number required

Bostadsstiftelsen Platen (Motala, about 1 hour commute to Linköping Resecentrum)

At Commuting you find links to bus- and commuter train time tables.


At the municipality websites you can find more complete lists of landlords

Linköpings municipality

Norrköpings municipality

Mjölby municipality

Åtvidabergs municipality

Boxholms municipality (it's possible to apply for a scholarship if you are a registered resident in the Boxholm municipality and are a full-time student)

Motala municipality



Mjölby, Mantorp, Vikingstad and Boxholm are examples of towns/communities close to Linköping, you find a list of housing companies at Housing companiesBlocket is another great site for finding apartmets and rooms all over the county.

You'll find bus and train timetables at Sometimes the travel planner will have a difficult time choosing the best bus stop for your travel. To find a good bus stop near campus Valla try: Universitetet, Universitetet Golfbanan, Gamla Linköping, Campushallen or Solhaga. To find good stops near campus US try Maskincentralen, US Södra Entrén or US Norra Entrén. To find good bus/tram stops near campus Norrköping try Väster Tull, Norrköping Resecentrum, Norr Tull or Hospitalsgatan.

The university also provides a free shuttle bus - “Campusbussen” -  between the Campus Norrköping, Campus US and Campus Valla, it takes about 50 minutes from Norrköping to Valla. The bus line is operated between 5:25 and 18:25 during the weekdays. You find more information on

Public transportation and transportation from airports

If you arrive by airplane to Sweden we have several airports that you might arrive at. There is Skavsta (in Nyköping), Bromma and Arlanda (in Stockholm).

If you arrive at Bromma or Arlanda you have to travel into Stockholm city by aritport bus or train, and then go by bus or train to Linköping or Norrköping. 

Public transportations for Bromma/Arlanda 

Bus from airport - Flygbussarna

Train - SJ

Bus - Flixbus 

Public transportations for Skavsta


Skavsta - Linköping ca 90 minutes

Skavsta - Norrköping ca 55 minutes


Places that are easy to commute from!

Linghem (6 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Vikingstad (8 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Mantorp (15 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Mjölby (20 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Boxholm (32 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Åtvidaberg (35-45 minutes by commuter train or bus to Linköping train station)

Motala (45 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Borensberg (21 minutes by direct bus to Gamla Linköping)

Norrköping (40 minutes with the Campus bus, free for students! 27 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Ljungsbro (25-30 minutes by bus to Linköping train station)

Sturefors (25 minutes by bus to Linköping train station)

Tranås (50 minutes by commuter train to Linköping train station)

Haga (ca 10 minutes with tram to Norrköping train station)
Kimstad (ca 11 minutes with commuter train to Norrköping train station)
Söderköping (33 minutes in total with bus to Norrköping train station and then walking to campus Norrköping)
Skärblacka (33 minutes in total with bus to Västertull and then walking to campus Norrköping)
Hageby (20 minutes in total with tram and then walking to campus Norrköping)

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