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For those students who has not found accomodation when they arrive to Linköping university, KOMBO offers Emergency Accommodation at the beginning of the fall semester. In order to use our emergency accomodations, you will have to create an account at our website. The emergency accomodation is equipped with camp beds. Basic kitchen equipment, including microwave oven, fridge, freezer, kitchen table, chairs, crockery and cutlery is available, as well as a bathroom. Emergency accommodation will be available in both Linköping and Norrköping. They are located within walking distance from Campus.


In Linköping, the emergency accomodation will be available between the beginning of Augusti to mid-October. It consists of a 3-or 2 room apartment which is shared with up to 15 other students. The tickets for the emergency accommodation cost 120 SEK per night and 800 SEK per week. Note that we only take payments by card, not cash. Tickets must be purchased at the KOMBO office no later than 16:30 (4:30 pm) the day you will use it. It is not possible to reserve a place in the accommodation before you arrive, you have to purchase the tickets personally and sign an agreement. If you need to stay for a weekend, you must buy the tickets for Saturday and Sunday no later than 16:30 (4:30 pm) on Friday. Unused tickets can unfortunately not be returned.


In Norrköping, the emergency accomodation will be available between mid-August and mid-September. It consists a studio apartment which is shared between 1-2 students. If you need to stay in an emergency accomodation in Norrköping, please give us a call on our office hours 10-4.30pm. The office is closed for lunch between 1pm-2pm. NOTE! Since meetings for contract writing must be booked in advance, call well in advance! We cannot guarantee that a meeting can take place on the same day.


Bed linen, pillows  and towels can be purchased at the KOMBO office during opening hours. There will also be air matresses to borrow at the KOMBO office for those who might prefer that over a camp bed.

Please be aware that the apartment accommodates several students at night and that the apartments have to be vacated during the day. You will recive a tag for the front door and a code for the appartment. If the tag is lost, you will be charged a total of 1500 SEK.

One room will, if possible, be reserved for girls.

If you are staying at the emergency accommodation for several nights, it's possible to leave your luggage in the apartment during the day at your own risk. KOMBO is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings left in the apartment. The KOMBO staff will visit the emergency accommodation regularly to ensure that there are no problems.

Usually there is only need to use the emergency accommodation for a couple of nights. You just need to be active in your search. Before finding something permanent, students staying there often find housing with new found class mates. Staying there also offers a good opportunity to make friends and togheter you can look for a bigger apartment to share. For those who haven't found anything permanent yet but wishes to move out of the emergency accommodation, there are several hostels in Östergötland.

We are happy to answer any questions during office hours. Visit our offices or call us at +46760056828/+4676-0080448. You can also send an email to bostad@karservice.se.

The KOMBO office in Linköping is located in HusEtt, Campus Valla. Opening hours are generally Monday to Friday, 10 am - 4:30 pm, although some variations may occur.

Good luck with your house hunting and welcome to Linköping University!

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