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How does inventory booking work?

Below are answers to common questions regarding the booking of inventory. For other questions, contact


How do you book?

You sign up in the form at Kombos' site under Kombos' inventoryhub.

Who can book?

Anyone who can show that they live in Studentbostäder, Studentbo and Heimstaden's student housing. This can be shown with, for example, a rental agreement.

Does it cost anything to borrow?

No, as long as you return what you borrowed complete and clean, it is completely free of charge!

How long can you book?

You may book inventory for a maximum of 7 days in a row.

Where can inventory be collected?

Inventory can be collected at Kårhusett, located behind A-huset at Campus Valla. 

When must inventory be returned?

The inventory must be returned on the next weekday, the day after the booking has ended, before 12:30 PM.

When can inventory be collected?

Between 13:00-16:00 PM on weekdays.

What happens if something breaks?

If something breaks, the borrower pays 75% of the acquisition value.

Can you borrow a place to, for example, sit and sew?

If you talk to DC at Kårhusett or the housing representative who sits in the room next door, if the conference room is free, you can borrow it.


Terms for the inventory hub

The inventory shall be returned clean and in good condition.

The borrower is responsible for the controll of the inventory at pick up.

The borrower is responsible loss and direct or indirect damage on the inventory. The borrower is obliged to pay back 75% of cost price to Kombo.

In the case of dispute Kombo owns the right to interpretive priority.

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