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In many of the areas where students reside, there are Residents' Clubs. These are nonprofit assosiations consisting of students who work to improve the housing situation in their area. This can involve maintaining contact with the landlord, purchasing furniture for common areas, or organizing activities for residents in the area. These boards are primarily funded by Kombo through grants and a funding pool.

Kårservice actively works to support the formation of additional boards of representatives in Norrköping and Linköping and to activate those that are currently inactive.

Not all areas have active associations. If you are wondering whether there is a Residents´Club in your area, how to get in touch with your Residents´Club, or how to start one, you are welcome to contact us at Kombo. You can either email us at or visit our office at Kårhusett on Campus Valla.


What does a member of a residents club member do?

The various Residents' Clubs in Östergötland have different structures. Some focus more on organizing activities for residents in the area, while others concentrate on ensuring that all common areas are pleasant to use. This variation is due to the different conditions in each area, including the number of members and available spaces.

Residents' Club members are regular students who want to volunteer to improve the housing situation in an area. A board can have many different positions, each with different responsibilities. Common positions in existing areas include chairman, treasurer, IT coordinator, or activities coordinator. However, the boundaries are not set in stone. If you have a suggestion for a position that you believe your association needs, you are welcome to contact the association to propose such a role.

Residents' Club members also have the important task of representing students in the area during rent negotiations that usually take place during the spring semester. Kombo gathers information and feedback from the Residents' Club about what it's like to live in a specific place to convey this to the landlord.


Examples of what a Residents' Club do:

- Organize events for residents, such as BBQ parties and movie nights

- Gather feedback and suggestions from residents and convey them to the landlord or KOMBO

- Provide sewing machines, beds, bikes, and tools for borrowing

- Request funds from KOMBO for activities and community improvements

- Act as a reference group during rent negotiations

- Manage common areas, gyms, billiard rooms, bike repair shops, etc.

If you, as a resident, want to change or improve something in your housing area, you can reach out directly to the board of representatives with your idea. 



If you feel that your corridor needs new furniture or if you have ideas that you believe can benefit the residents in the area, you can always contact your board of representatives, even if you are not part of the board yourself. If you're unsure where to turn, you can always contact Kombo, and we will guide you in the right direction. If there is no board of representatives in your area, we can also assist you in starting one.


Phone: +4676 008 0448


Our recidents´clubs


The residents' associations in Norrköping is called Boråd.
Even though Norrköping haven't had student housing very long (since 1997) it now has many different housing areas. Here are their facebook/webpages.

Gripens boråd

Dalkarlens boråd (inactive for now)


Assessorn (inactive for now)

Konstantinopel (inactive for now)

Kopparhusen (inactive for now)


Linköping have fewer but bigger student housing areas. Most of the residents' associations in Linköping is called Förtroenderåd. The oldest Förtroenderåd was formed at Flamman when the first student housing was built in 1964.

Here are their facebook/webpages.

FR Flamman

FR Irrblosset (inactive for now)

FR Ryd

Borådet på Ryds Allé

All areas don't have active residents' associations, please contact us if you want to know if your area have an active association or if you are interested in activating the association.

Order certificate

Below, you who have been active in a housing council or housing association can order a certificate from us at KOMBO that proves your commitment. The certificate will be sent to your postal address within 14 days. 

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