Residents' club


Many student housing areas have a local residents' association.

The purpose of a residents' association is to protect the residents' interests, by making the residential area as good and nice as possible, and to speak for the residents against the landlord.

Kårservice, KOMBO works to actively support the creation of additional residents' associations in Norrköping and Linköping, and to activate those who are now passive.


What does a member of a residents club member do?

Housing council members are ordinary students who live in their own area, are involved in housing issues and who want to support their neighbors. The board members are a link between the students in the area and KOMBO. As a lease negotiation approaches, KOMBO takes in views from the housing council and for the rest of the year, KOMBO supports the housing council.


The recidents´ club

The residents´ can vary greatly in size, both in how many members they have and how many they are on the board. Everything from two people up to twelve people is common to see on the boards and the number of members depends entirely on how many people live in the area or the property. It also varies a lot in how much the various housing associations do during the year, which is entirely up to the boards themselves to decide. The most important thing is that the housing associations exist.


What can the recidents´club do?

Examples of what a housing association can do:

* Arrange parties for the residents, such as barbecues & movie nights

* Take in views and wishes from the residents and forward them to the landlord or KOMBO

* Rent sewing machines, beds, bicycles and tools

* Rent means of transport

* Request money from KOMBO for activities and well-being measures

* Reference group for the lease negotiations

* Take care of the local gym

If you as a resident want to change or improve something in your residential area, you can turn directly to the housing council with your idea.


Our recidents´clubs

Norrköping – Boråd

The residents' associations in Norrköping is called Boråd.
Even though Norrköping haven't had student housing very long (since 1997) it now has many different housing areas. Here are their facebook/webpages.

Gripens boråd

Dalkarlens boråd (inactive for now)



Konstantinopel (inactive for now)


Linköping – Förtroenderåd (FR)

Linköping have fewer but bigger student housing areas. Most of the residents' associations in Linköping is called Förtroenderåd. The oldest Förtroenderåd was formed at Flamman when the first student housing was built in 1964.

Here are their facebook/webpages.

FR Flamman

FR Irrblosset

FR Ryd

All areas don't have active residents' associations, please Contact us if you want to know if your area have an active association or if you are interested in activating the association.

To learn more about Residents' Clubs, which are active, about what they do and how everything works click on The Residents' Club guide


Order certificate

Below, you who have been active in a housing council or housing association can order a certificate from us at KOMBO that proves your commitment. The certificate will be sent to your postal address within 14 days. 

 Order certificate here!


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