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Quick guide for accommodation hunting

Register with companies with queue points system

You receive one queue-point per day after registration. If a Swedish personal identity number (“personnummer”) is required when you register, please contact the landlord by phone or e-mail and ask them to help you with the registration. Log on to the landlord’s website regularly to keep your queue points. You will not be offered accommodation automatically – you need to apply actively.

Studentbostäder: (Linköping)

ByggVesta: (Linköping)

StudentBo: (Norrköping)

Heimstaden: (Linköping)

Stångåstaden: (Linköping)

Hyresbostäder: (Norrköping)

Contact other housing companies

You'll find a long list of housing companies under Accommodation Links, even more companies can be found at the municipalities web sites that are available there. They usually do not have a queuing system but choose their tenants according to the applicant's needs, finances, etc. These can be invaluable if you have a low number of purchase points with other companies. Note, however, that private housing companies generally have fewer homes in their portfolio and thus have fewer vacant homes than the municipal ones.

Search for rented rooms and sublet apartments

We particularly recommend our database and Blocket (see our guide on how to use it). In these places you'll find ads for rented rooms, sublet apartments and similar. Please be careful and watch out for scammers, check out our guide on Don't get scammed!.

Share an apartment

It's often easier to find a larger apartment and share with others. It's also cheaper and often more fun than living alone! If you want to find others looking for flatmates look at LiU Noticeboard,  Blocket or at

Larger apartments are usually much easier to get, so a tip is to take a larger apartment and then advertise for residents yourself. It is important when renting to a resident is to take a fair rent and to be clear about the conditions that apply in a rental contract. You can find suitable templates here. Always have everything in writing, even if it is a friend who moves in.



  • It may be easier to find accommodation in one of the smaller towns around Linköping or Norrköping and commute, at least for a while. The Campus bus is a bus route between campuses in Norrköping and Linköping, and it's free for students. Read more in Commuting. Read Wenjias story about what it's like to live in a rented room in Ljungsbro.
  • Please book temporary accommodation in hostels or hotels for a few days at the beginning if you don't find a place to stay, it's often easier to find something when you're here. 
  • Please consider other areas than Ryd. There are about 23 000 students in Linköping and about 1800 student rooms and apartments in Ryd. Linköping isn't a large city, you can actually go by bike from the most remote part of town to the University in about 30 minutes. If you don't like the bike, Linköping have a good bus service in the city and in the main surrounding area as well.
  • In the beginning of the autumn semester we arrange Emergency accommodation for students who don't have anywhere to sleep when they get here. It is very simple with campbeds in the apartment shared with several other students.

  • The housing situation is toughest in the first months of autumn, and then gradually gets better. During the spring there are usually corridor rooms available even for those with very few queue-points. 

  • At Stångåstaden or Hyresbostäder you will not get an apartment until you've been in their queues for a few years. However, having these points are worth a ton if you wish to stay in Sweden after graduation or if you are an exchange student who are considering coming back for a masters or PhD at LiU later. The queues are free of charge so do register with them.
  • Some landlords might require you to have home insurance. Even if not, it is highly recommended that you do get insurance. At Länsförsäkringar Östgöta you can find affordable insurance for your stay in Sweden.
  • Your housing situation will be sorted out! We have never heard about a student needing to quit their studies because of a lack of accommodation. When the rare instance of it being close we have been able to find a solution. You might have to accept a temporary solution in the beginning of the term but you will find something eventually. 

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