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When subletting or renting out a room it is important that the rent is reasonable, if the rent is set too high your tenant may complain and you will have to refund your tenant. It might be difficult to make an assessment regarding which rent is the reasonable one when you are renting out a room. In the following segment we have listed guidlines regaring rent of apartments, houses and rooms. A rental income, up to about the equivalent of 4000 SEK/month, is somthing you don't have to declare to the Swedish Tax Agency. For more information use Google Translate on the Swedish Tax Agency website regarding renting out accommodation.

Don't forget to talk to your home insurance company if it's necessary for your room mate/tenant to have a separate home insurence.

Renting out a room

This steps below will assist you in calculating a reasonable rent for a room.

  1. Calculate the size of the room that you are renting out. Measure along the walls and calculate the percentage of the entire accommodation the room is (also include if there is a private bathroom and hallway). The corresponding percentage of your rent is the rent of the room. 
  2. Estimate how much of the shared areas such as kitchen, bathroom, living room and other parts the tenant has access to. Have in mind that it has to be reasonable, if your tentant have one shelf in the pantry and one shelf in the refrigerator it isn't reasonable to put half of the rent for the kitchen on the tenant. 
  3. Additional rent corresponding to 10-15% of the rent is reasonable if the room is furnished (this also applies to furniture in the shared areas). 
  4. Add a reasonable part of other costs such as electricity, home insurance (in general your tenant will need to have its own home insurance, contact your insurance company for more information), broadband, TV licence, cabel television and so on. 
  5. Summarize all of the above. Is the rent more than 4000 SEK for a room? Have in mind that a student on student loans will have less than 10 000 SEK/month during August-May, if the rent for a room is more than 4000 SEK a very big part will be spent on just the rent. 

The student housing companies differ a bit, but in general they have 10-month rent (the yearly rent will be divided on 10 months instead of 12) to make it easier for students so that they don't have to think about how they are going to pay the rent if they are without an income, that is during June and July.  

A room in a student corridor (8 people having their own individual room and bathroom, approximately 20 sqm, with a shared kitchen and common area) the rent is normally between 2400-3600 SEK/month with a 10-month rent (with is equivavlent to 2000-3000 SEK/month during 12 months). This includes electricity, water, heat and broadband.

Subletting and renting out self-owned accommodation

If you have an entire apartment or house to sublet you have to set a reasonable rent. For a rented accommodation a reasonable rent is the rent that you pay to your own landlord. You are allowed to add costs that you pay which your tenant can use (e.g. electricity, broadband, heat and water). If the apartment is furnished you are allowed to add an additional 10-15% of the rent. If you have self-owned accommodation (house, owned apartment, condominium) there are rules regarding reasonable rent based on cost according to the following calculation.

Privacy policy

The following information is provided due to the Personal Data Act (PDA).

When you create an account, you consent that your personal data will be recorded in a database at Kårservice, KOMBO. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties until you create an advertisement to rent out accommodation. When you create an advertisement, your personal information will be shared with students who are our members so they will be able to contact you.

Kårservice, KOMBO is required to rectify, block or erase your personal information at your request (Section 28 PDA). According to PDA every person registered has the right to, once a year and upon written request, obtain information about personal data relating to them. The request should be made to Kårservice, KOMBO. Contact information is available under About us.

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